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About Us

About Us

A10 Invest stands at the intersection of strategic investment and societal impact, evolving from a specialized M&A boutique to a private equity firm with a broader vision. Our transformation from focusing exclusively on mergers and acquisitions to embracing a wider range of impactful investments reflects our deep understanding of market dynamics and a commitment to sustainable growth. Our notable achievements include advising “Henkel” on the Carve-Out for Hypermarcas, consulting for “The Carlyle Group” in the sale of Vogue International to Johnson & Johnson, and acting as financial advisor for Niely's acquisition by “L’Oréal”.

With AUM of 1 Billion Dollars⁽¹⁾, our investment approach extends beyond traditional boundaries, evidenced by our stakes in innovative companies like Mitra Chem and Sigma Lithium. These investments in groundbreaking technologies for energy storage and electric vehicle batteries demonstrate our foresight in sectors poised for significant growth. The listing of Sigma Lithium on Nasdaq, TSX, and B3 is a testament to our capability to amplify our portfolio companies' presence on the global stage.

At A10 Invest, our roots in M&A consultancy have endowed us with unique insights and expertise, enabling us to identify and cultivate opportunities that align profitability with positive societal impact. We invite you to join us in this journey of investment with purpose, where every venture is a step towards a sustainable and prosperous future."

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